Next Assassins creed game leaks

According to a report from Kotaku, the game will be released next autumn, as is the norm with the recent releases, and will be titled Assassins Creed Victory.

Coming to PS4, Xbox-One and PC, the game will be developed by Ubisoft Quebec. This is their first major game release, as the studio has only worked on DLC for both Assassins Creed III and IV.

Victory will be using the same engine from Unity

Also claiming to have seen a gameplay trailer, the Kotaku article describes it as being in the same engine as Unity, the Anvil Engine, and features a new assassin, climbing to the top of a large building overlooking London, then after a hectic carriage ride, ends up at Charing Cross station to find his intended target: a Templar by the name of Roderick Bulmer, who’s been trafficking children. Utilizing a new gadget, a grappling hook, to swing over trains and walls, to kill Bulmer in a crowd of people. The trailer then leads to the new logo, seen above.

Hopefully Victory will be a bit more polished than Unity, which as of writing, has been out for 3 weeks, and is still plagued by frame-rate, graphics and multiplayer issues, which have been ongoing since launch. Ubisoft have since apologized, and are offering free DLC for owners of the game, and a free game for season pass owners.

Images from Kotaku.com
Original report HERE


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