Star Wars is something that has been in the public eye for a very long time. Since “A New Hope” was released back in 1977 people have been hoping that the force will be with them. When the series was re-booted back in 1999 I became worried. Every thing about the film in my opinion had become far more child friendly that the original films and it felt like they had lost a lot of the action and pace that Star Wars is know for. Now this may just be because I had grown older and my film tastes had changed but I lost hope in the series and didn’t pay a lot of attention to Episodes II and III.

So it follows that reviews of the new trailer so far have been mixed: some people missing the charm and scale of the original trilogy, some embracing the new style and pace given by modern filming techniques.

The new trailer was released whilst I was at work and for the first time in a while I had an excited apprehension that I haven’t felt for a long time about a movie trailer. The fact I avoided seeing it on a computer at work or on my phone until I got home must show how excited I really was for it and I was not disappointed.

When the trailer opens and you get those tense few moments of just empty desert it sets you on the edge of your seat before flashing though hints and images of what is to come. The new tech that has been “developed” since Return of the Jedi is hinted at with the new roller-ball droid and larger scale speeder bike. I hope to see more of this as I’m a huge fan of “practical technology” in science fiction, i.e. stuff that not only looks like it could work but also shows it working. The X-Wings are a beautiful example of that. The shot of them swooping low over the lake is a wonderful use of modern filming techniques being used to their fullest to really bring us into the scene. You can see all the detail in the fuselage of the craft and it’s obvious that they are battle worn but the interior sets have obviously been tided up a lot from the original X-wings with less random blinking lights and a more practical appearance.

One thing that has caused a little intrigue is the Claymore Lightsaber with the Lightsaber crossbar. This has brought up a little controversy with some people thinking it’s impractical in the universe but in fact has existed before.Forked_Lightsaber

The Forked Lightsaber is shown here in the comics and featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance and Star Wars: Purge as well as others. I do think that the image we see in the trailer doesn’t look quite right, the saber seems to thin and spaced out but we are taking it just on a few fleeting moments of footage. In the final film to be released in December 2015 it could look completely different!

Personally this trailer has got me very excited. It’s given us enough information to get excited about without dropping any of the big story plots or character insights yet. I look forward to what might happen next!


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