Dragon Age Inquisition – review

Well its finally here! The third in Bioware’s amazing fantasy series. Lets check out what people have been waiting for. Time to join up with the Inquisition!

Dragon Age Inquisition carries on the the series following on the events that took place in Kirkwall in Dragon Age 2. With Mages and Templars now engaging in a full blown war across the whole of Thedas, and with a world destroying disaster known as the ‘rift’ tearing a hole in the sky, allowing demons to cross from the fade into our world. So with factions divided and the kingdoms of Ferelden and Orlais in a mess, the inquisition is once again made to sort of the mess and stop the rift.

Gameplay wise its quite straight forwards. Build up the Inquisition from the ground up, gaining influence with the other factions, gaining/scouting out resources ( such as quarry and timber yards for the Inquisition’s army, gaining extra party members to help with upcoming battles. Exploration is actually quite rewarding here, finding secrets such as treasure chests and sometimes even quests in the field which wouldn’t be given in a town or the Inquisition HQ.

Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay
Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay

Speaking of battles. The encounter system works well, starting off a lot of the fights you get into can be bested with to simple swinging of your sword or spamming your spells. But further into the game and for some fights for sure you really need to exploit enemy weaknesses. Rage demon weak to ice? Maybe you need to get a mage that can cast blizzard? Or maybe you need to equip a weapon with an ice rune one it. Little edges like can really turn the tide of a battle. There is also (back by popular demand) a tactical full, which to the more strategic player really lets the them micro manage the fights and every party member. Allowing you to shut down enemy mages and archers out of the fight, while your fighters or rogues can block and deal out heavy damage. With nine party members available throughout the game, different members will change how you operate. Although I’d suggest sticking with one mage with barrier (Your life line for tough fights, helping your damage dealers stay up in the fight), a tank (Sword and shield classics like Cassandra work well here, but anyone who can take hate away from the rest of the group) and a rouge (someone who can deal out a lot of damage or have a lot of disabling moves that can shut out troublesome enemy’s). Your fourth can be a double of what you have or something in between. Some fights you may have to come back to, you may be too weak at the time or need a change of party but don’t be affair to save before big fights and test the waters.

Dragons. Now I believe we have always wanted more dragons to fight and lets face it the dragon fights in the past games were great! A real test of tactics and endurance. In Inquisition Bioware doesn’t disappoint. With ten dragons total in the game with within their own certain areas of the game, you never know when your going to wander into an area containing one. I know for for Jojo (a fellow Editor here at Renegade) and myself, finding our first one was an experience in its own right. They look great! And each have their own tactics to nibble on your tasty tasty flesh. These fights are I believe some of the toughest in the game and actually besting one is very rewarding, gaining treasure, rare gear and crafting materials from its carcass. Just be careful not to get burned…

Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon fight
Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon fight

Visually the game looks great, with vast character development and rich and frequently stunning environments with amazing textures. Ranging from armour designs to water effects. Voice acting is pretty good also, on par as the mass effect series even though there is one character that we can’t stand the voice of at the the start. Looking at you Sera. But eventually you get used to it and it begins to be part of the characters charm.

Sadly no game these days don’t come without their shortcomings. Inquisition doesn’t get away scot free. Frame rates drop now and again and the multiplayer has been very choppy with AI path-finding and invisible boxes. But hey, hopefully they will patch/update these problems out soon.

Lets talk multiplayer! Dragon Age multiplayer is kind of set out the same way as the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. In which you and three other players team up and battle through five areas of so far three types of enemies. With certain events happening in some areas which award bonus gold, these can be saving artefacts/information scrolls from being burned to defending an informant of the Inquisition by helping them to the end of the area. You begin with three classes open to you to play. An elf keeper (Mage), a dwarf Legionnaire (Warrior) and a human archer (Rouge). Each of these classes can open a class specific treasure room in areas which can net the players with extra gold or items. Every game session win or lose the players will gain experience and gold, more being rewarded with a success. This helps your characters get stronger and unlock new perks and skills like in the single player. But what about the gold? The gold can be spent in the store between session, you can buy chests which have an assortment of gear and potions or potion crates with contain healing potions or grenades. You can also purchase in game money (Platinum) to buy things but not sure why you would want to when you can just grind gold. But hey if you want to get those unlocks like new classes or unique gear the option is available to you.

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer
Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer

In the Long run Inquisition is great! Maybe not up to Mass Effect good but its still worth it for the experience. It reminds me of Biowares Knights of the Old Republic and Baulders Gate classics. With DLC probably coming in the future we will be playing Inquisition for a long time coming.
Dragon Age Inquisition is available on PC, XBox 360, XBox One, PS4 and PS3

All pictures taken from http://www.dragonage.com/#!/en_US/media/gallery/screenshots/


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