It was not long ago during a replay of Gears of War when I realised that Marcus Fenix sounded exactly like Eeyore. I was confused for a second – had my kid sister put on a Winnie the Pooh DVD in the background or something? But no, this was Marcus himself, in between raging at Locusts and shouting to his team to run for cover, caught in a desperately depressing mood. And it surfaces over and over again throughout the game.

Is it just Marcus? Well, the answer is no. Something similar happened during a playthrough of Mass Effect, so I compiled this handy video to demonstrate the Eeyorish tendencies of these characters:

Now, Wrex and Marcus are the best examples, and both share certain characteristics, which might help us understand why they sound like Eeyore. Incredibly badass, bulky and tough men, with gruff voices and attitudes that let you know they won’t stand for you messing them around. If they’re not being badass, they’re written as the strong, silent type, with a hint of world-weary malaise. Seen this before, done that before, war is terrible, everything can be quite depressing. This is intended to make them come across as seasoned warriors who have seen their share of the horrors of the battlefield. However it’s this world-weariness, combined with the gruff, low voice that makes them end up sounding like our favourite grey donkey from childhood.

Other characters who fit this mould, like Halo’s Master Chief, do end up saying things with a hint of this malaise, but it’s usually not quite as potent as the above example, purely because of the choice of voice actor.

If you guys notice any other gruff videogame heroes who sound like Eeyore, leave us a comment so we can compile the master list!



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