That’s 20% off if you are an Early Access participant, so if this is your kind of thing, we’d suggest you get on over to Steam and keep an eye on the Early Access Steamhub.

Set in the Empire City of Mordheim some 500 years before the Warhammer world timeline, this game is a tactical turn-based affair that sees you take command of your own Warband, explore the city and obtain legendary treasures. The game is made by Rogue Factor, a team of indie developers and fans of Warhammer who started up their company in 2013, and of course has official endorsement from Warhammer themselves.

There’s tons more background information on the newly-released website, and for a clearer view of the sort of gameplay you can expect there’s an extensive gameplay trailer too. It calls to mind Shadow of Mordor, in terms of environment and some actions, should make for a fun play!

We’ll leave you with the official (short) trailer to whet your appetite:

main image © Rogue Factor Games

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