Do convention weekends tend to go a lot faster to you? We at Renegade always seem to ask this question. The weekend seems to flyby, and why wouldn’t it. This Comic Con had some amazing stuff on this year and with our staff and many, many and I do mean many others trying to get round and see it all. It’s no wonder why it went so quick.
Let’s talk what was on. Daniel Radcliffe attended as a gust on the Friday, promoting his new and up and coming film ‘Horns’; in which Daniel stars a man accused of rape and murder of this girlfriend and his journey to find the truth while undergoing some strange and demonic changes.

We also had four of the original Power Rangers; Austin St. John, Walter Jones, Karan Ashley and David Yost attended; signing autographs and having photo-shoots with very excited fans. Other celebrities included Yuzo Kojima, the Dark Souls II – FromSoftware Line Producer who attended only on the Saturday to meet fans and sign posters. Dark Souls 2 won the ‘Golden joystick’ award just days before for Game of the Year 2014, which Mr. Kojima proudly had on display.

Mr Kojima, meet and signing

Mr Kojima, meet and signing for Dark Souls 2 fans

Speaking of games we had various companies attending, bringing new games such as BandaiNamco’s ‘Dragonball Xenoverse’ and the new ‘Tales of Hearts R’. We also had Capcom bringing us the ‘Phoenix Wright Ace attorney’ trilogy and ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’ – which we here at Renegade cannot wait for. Koei Tecmo showed off its ‘Dead or Alive 5 Last Round’ and ‘Samurai Warriors 4’ as well as many more.
But we also can’t forget the other board games and card games available to try out and buy from various stalls and sellers. As well as Konami’s organised activities for would-be Yu-Gi-Oh players as well as existing players to take part in.

Sellers were out in full force once again, bringing us everything from comics, cosplay/cosplay props, steampunk merchandise and accessories, games, figurines and a wide variety of food. For October Comic Con, MCM dedicated more seating and eating areas which we – and many other convention goers – were very happy about. Organisation and crowd control was something we believed MCM struggled with in the past, but this time it seemed that they had more staff and that they were quite approachable to get help from. Tickets were also capped in advanced, which meant once the limit was reached, no more tickets would be on sale for that day. This also applied to the weekend passes, which sold out by the time online tickets finished. Any of the remaining un-purchased tickets could be bought on the day in person – although it seemed a little risky to chance. We at Renegade Revolution recommend purchasing your tickets advanced to avoid any disappointment.

The entry queue into the convention was handled a lot better and waiting times in queues passed quickly as they allowed people into the ExCeL Centre before they opened the shutters to the halls. Although saying this, you may want to watch out for the stampede of eager gamers running full pelt to places like the ‘Evolve’ area as soon as the shutters opened. Remember guys and girls, it’s all well and good that you want to get where you going quickly, but there are others attending the event too with places they want to go. A little common courtesy goes a long way!

Shutters open,stand aside for the rush.

Unfortunately, such negative behaviour also occurred when the event got busier – especially on the Saturday. Even though it was only a handful of people with little patience, attempting to ram your way through crowds really doesn’t help the cause. We even caught one guy whistling loudly into peoples’ ears in an attempt to make them move out of his way. It’s really not needed. Everybody is trying to get around the convention hall and by behaving in such a way really does not help your cause – and can ruin the experience for other convention-goers. So next time, let’s hope that there are even less occurrences of brutish behaviour – not just at this convention, but at every convention.

Finally cosplay was once again at its high, with various cosplayers going as their favourite comic, game, movie, manga and anime characters. Be sure to check out our photo gallery to check out the work and effort these people put into their costumes. Overall we at Renegade enjoyed MCM Comic Con and with the changes that they have made were hoping the next will be even better.

Of course, we at Renegade Revolution would love to hear of your experiences of October London MCM Comic Con, so drop us a comment at the bottom of this article!

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the upcoming MCM Comic Con events, be sure to check out their website:

Batman, Gordon and Nightwing Cosplayers

All photos © Jojo Yap and Scott Sanderson
Article by Scott Sanderson and Jojo Yap

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