Just like that the weekend is gone and London Film and Comic Con WINTER – or LFCCW for short- is over, time to hang up those photos, file away your autographs and bag up that cosplay.

A little bit quieter than the last?

A little bit quieter than the last?

Once again we attended Earls Court. This venue is quite popular it seems but unfortunately, due to the change in times, LFCCW would be the last public event held at Earls Court as it is due for closure and redevelopment. I think the biggest thing to mention is that it wasn’t as big of a turnout as LFCC in July, but we believe that was due to Stan Lee’s last ever UK showing. The event was a lot quieter, not that it didn’t have amazing stars such as Billy Boyd, Carrie Fisher, Jerome Flynn Chris Barrie and Colin Baker as well as wrestlers such as Alberto Rodríguez and Marcus “Buff” Bagwell. It could be that the event was a lot better organised than last time?
In a sense, yes, it was. Queues were kept to a minimum and well looked after. Staff, bar the one experience, were informative, helpful and friendly. The general floor plan was easy to follow and you could get where you wanted to be quite quickly.

We witnessed one particularly helpful staff member help out a couple who had to be in a few places quickly as they had a couple of photo-shoots to get to and the staff member told them what order to go in and took them where they needed to be first. It’s good to see staff act this was at any convention.
Guests seemed in a great mood too, a lot of them especially happy to meet their fans, offer leaving their desks to give hugs and handshakes. Making each fans visit memorable. With a massive shout out to Miltos Yerolemou for being one of the most amazing stars we at Renegade Revolution met. Also, great talks, especially by Billy Boyd.

 Billy Boyd's Panel

Billy Boyd’s Panel

Cosplay is always great to see and do, and we saw amazing ones this time. Fans of all ages go to see and take photos with their heroes and heroines made flesh, and a big shoot out all the cosplayers out there, another great turn out and amazing work on the costumes. Photos taken by editor Jojo, writer Amy and myself will be up here and our Facebook page.
Again, we saw some amazing stalls and vendors at the event. Both ones we’ve seen before and – some new faces – selling all things geeky, from lightsabers to the Doctors sonic screwdriver, cosplays, comics, steampunk attire and accessories . One thing we would suggest to new fans looking to attend the next convention is to be prepared to spend. Apart from the great things you can buy, paying for photo sessions and autographs the food and drink from Earls Court can be a bit pricey. Earls Court does hold more than a few cafes and places to grab a quick bite, but be prepared to spend at least £14 on a few sandwiches and a couple of drinks. It would be nice if they lowered the prices a little. But as an alternative, you could always pack a lunch from home.
Another good thing that LFCCW did this time was that they allocated a few more places for fans to sit and eat, which to be honest was great. Nobody really wants to crash out on the floor for a meal.

Overall we at Renegade say that it was a good con, good for newcomers and good for fans to meet some of the stars that they like.
If you have any interest in attending a future London Film and Comic Con event, their next scheduled convention takes place 17th – 19th July 2015 at the Olympia, London.
For more information on London Film and Comic Con events, do check out their website at www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com

LFCCW Doctor Who group

Doctor Who group

All photos © Jojo Yap and Scott Sanderson

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