The hotly anticipated first trailer for the PlayStation produced Powers series has come courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis at NYCC. Opening with it at the panel with stars (inset actors), Bendis said that they are still shooting episode 3 it at that very moment, thus why star Sharlto Copley couldn’t be with them, though he did record a message for the fans.

The trailer above  shows a much more graphic and adult version of the comic then people were expecting, featuring bloody violence, sexual content and strong language from the start.

Powers is based on the comic of the same name, written by Bendis, about two police officers in the Powers department, a section that deals with superhuman crimes in an age of superheroes called Powers. The series follows ex-Power Christian Walker, played by District 9 star Copley, who has been given a new partner, Deena Pillgrim , played by Susan Heyward, in the hopes she can help bring him back to earth.

Bendis also gave a small insight into what to expect story wise from the first season, saying that it’s not going to follow the comic directly, but draw elements from the comics and build upon them. Also mentioned were flashbacks to main character Christian Walkers’ time as a power, though the camera will stay in on a  “Grounded position”.

The show will be exclusive to Playstation products later in the year, and will be free to Playstation Plus users.


main image © Icon Comics

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