GameCity 9 takes over Nottingham from Saturday 25th October for a week-long assembly of many different types of gaming, hosting a bountiful selection of different spectacles, not only for playing, but for seeing, watching and even making as well. Along with video games, many mediums of games are covered by the event, including tabletop gaming. The whole event is open to everyone and is completely free. That’s right – FREE! A big incentive to pay a visit to the city and join in the experience!

Throughout the week, there will be a fantastic line up of events, talks and workshops. To mention particularly, there is an exhibition by State of Play Games, for their new game LuminoCity, offering an engaging insight into the amazing art, craft and techniques behind their work.

As a part of the opening weekend, GameCity 9 will be having a ‘house-warming’ at their main venue, inviting you to kick off the gaming festival in fashion with making and playing games, with a side order of cake eating! (Come on, its cake! That’s a win right there!). Contribute old games magazines, manuals or your own game themed drawings to their ‘Wall of Game’ to help create a colourful festive atmosphere. It does sound well worth the attendance if you have the chance!

The main venue is located at 24-32 Carlton Street, Nottingham. Please visit their site for a full line up along with timed schedules for each day; there is also some advice for travel and accommodation if you are coming from outside the city. Every event and talk on the schedule has its location and address listed with them, so worth making a memo ahead of time for each one you wish to attend.

map notts gamecity

For all you geeky gaming fans out there, you should definitely give this festival a go! No more perfect reason to visit Nottingham and partake in some educational and interactive fun!

Official GameCity 9 Site:

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