As of the 15th of October, Pokemon fans will be able to download a demo of the upcoming Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire games. By heading to your local GAME store and connecting to the Nintendo Zone, you’ll be able to download a demo of upcoming games.

The demo has you pick from one of the three starter pokemon, albiet their second evolutions. Once you have your poke-partner, you’ll head to Mossdeep City, facing enemy trainers and even encountering the antagonists, Team Aqua and Magma.

The demo promises a mega evolution that hasn’t been announced, which people will have to play to discover. It’s also advised to play the demo every day as this will have an effect on the game.

You’ll encounter Loudred, Nosepass, Linoone and Slakoths, with the option to transfer any items that you have collected throughout the playing of the demo, as well as the special Mega Evolved Pokémon that is encountered within this demo!

Head on out to your local GAME, download it and get a sneak tease before the game’s full launch at the end of next month!

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