You’ve probably already come across their stall before at a convention. And if you haven’t, rest assured, if you are a regular convention goer, you will bump into their merchandise at some point! Genki Gear delivers a wide and ever-changing variety of colourful t-shirts, hoodies and accessories for geeks with both fashion and a sense of humour in mind. They have also recently been providing special edition t-shirts for the MCM Comic Con events, which, once sold out, will no longer be reprinted. If you are interested in grabbing the latest, exclusive MCM London Comic Con t-shirt, be sure to pre-order yours before 14th October 2014!

MCM Expo exclusive t-shirt with two monsters, one holding a flower to the other saying "You're unbelievably weird... but so am I, so that's ok"

Even if you don’t have plans to attend MCM London Comic Con, October is still a very busy convention month for many people. And our friends at Genki Gear have added four new designs to their current range.

For £16.99, “Guinea Pigs everywhere salute you” is a simple and quirky little design. After all, who doesn’t like little furry animals? And even if you don’t, just look at their little faces and the fact that all of them are in formation and saluting! That’s pretty awesome! This particular design is available in Unisex and Women’s sizes and with a choice of colours in Iris, Kiwi and Charcoal.

the "Guinea Pigs everywhere salute you" t-shirt with three gunea pigs saluting

Beware the “Don’t anger the Gods” t-shirts! The poor fella on the front of this particular shirt obviously didn’t heed this warning and look what happened to him! Available in Unisex and Women’s sizes and only in Sand colour, this t-shirt is on sale for £15.99.

"Don't anger the Gods" t-shirt. A dead cartoon man lays with a lightning bolt sticking out of his chest

Personally, I find the slogan on Genki Gear’s new version of “Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing” fantastic. But that’s probably because the words used for the little critters on this shirt are probably akin to something I would say in order to describe them. With a sales price of £15.99, this new design is available to customers in Unisex and Women’s fitted T-shirt sizes, with a choice of Blue, Maroon and Charcoal colours for the main shirt.

"Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing" t-shirt. A furry ball with teeth

Last but not least, where would we be without an obligatory cat-themed product? “Mr Tinky, Destroyer of Worlds” is probably one of my personal favourites from the new range, along with the new “Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing” design. I mean, just look at his innocent little face? Who’d have thought this purring little kitty would be able to wreak such havoc? If this shirt tickles your fancy, they are available in Unisex and Women’s sizes for £15.99. Shirts are available in Sapphire Blue, Sand and Charcoal colours.

“Mr Tinky, Destroyer of Worlds” t-shirt. With a purring, smiling cat

If any of these designs interest you – of if you are curious to check out Genki Gear’s other products, you can usually find their stall at popular conventions around the UK. Their next appearance will be at London MCM London Comic Con at the ExCeL London over the long weekend of Friday 24th October 2014 to Sunday 26th October 2014. If you are attending, you’ll find their stall towards the VidFest area on the Main walkway inside the convention. Keep a look out for their panda banner and use that as your guiding light towards their stall!

Alternatively, you can check out the Genki Gear website for more designs, further information (such as upcoming events), offers and news:
You can also follow their Facebook Page for updates:

Genki Gear's panda logo

All photos uses with permission from Genki Gear.

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