Hidden up on the 2nd floor of Earls Court during this years EGX was the Indie developer section. Larger than previous years, it features a lot of recently released and upcoming games from some of the smaller studios around. I was lucky enough to grab a few interviews with some of the developers about their projects.

Lumino City – State of play games

lumino city

One of the hand made sets from Lumino City 

Image ©Stuart Greig

The latest game from London based team State of play is the highly ambitious, point-and-click adventure game, Lumino City. The sequel to 2011’s Lume, the game takes place in the fictional town of “Lumino City”. Made entirely of hand folded, laser cut card, and filmed using a motion control arm, a camera that allows them to easily film the enormous 10” tall model several times, under different conditions, be it a change in lighting or one of several player interactions, and seamlessly transition between them.

Speaking to company head, and lead artist Luke Whittaker about the game, he said that the 3 year project was the game they’ve been wanting to make since the company’s founding back in 2008. Using Lume as a proof of concept for potential investors and building the 10 foot tall back-drop turned into a “way of life” for the company, with various parts now spread across their office and with some on display on the show floor.

lumino city2

 Image ©Stuart Greig

Lumino City is set for release through Steam in November, and is avalible for pre-order now on http://store.steampowered.com/app/205020/
You can see more about the game on their website www.stateofplaygames.com/

Follow them on https://twitter.com/state_of_play

Never Alone – Upper one Games

In a joint partnership with the Cook Inlet tribal council, Upper One games have produced a puzzle platformer based on Iñupiq folklore. Taking the place of a young Iñupiq girl named Luna and her pet arctic fox, players must swap between both to complete puzzles in order to overcome an “Endless blizzard” that has overcome her home. The game takes place over eight chapters, and features such tales as The Blizzard Man, The Little People and The Sky People.

Never alone

Luna and her wolf from Never alone

Image from Deadgoodmedia


Speaking to Gloria O’Neill, the CEO of the Cook Inlet tribal council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Alaska Native and American Indian people in the southcentral Alaska, she said they reached out to Upper One, the first fully to produce a game to help pass one the stories to a new generation, and reach out to people who don’t know about the tribes and their tales.Upper one games is “the first fully indigenous-owned games developer and publisher in US history” and is being helped by E-Line, a game education company, headed by ex Crystal Dynamics and Activision staff, and published in the EU by Dead Good Media.

Never Alone is set for release later this year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
Get it here on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/295790/
Visit them on http://upperonegames.com/

Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark




Image from Italicpig

Do you like quantum physics jokes, mixed with platforming and collection based gameplay? Then Schrödinger’s cat is for you! Developed by Italic Pig, this game has you play as the aforementioned cat, an established action hero in the Quantum Polyverse, sent to disentangle the anthropomorphic chaos of the Particle Zoo. Packed with physic jokes from the very get go, you utilize the 5 types of Quark (the building blocks of matter) to create combos to overcome the problems you face. Need to get over a high ledge? Use 3 Up Quarks to propel yourself upwards. Need to protect yourself? Use 3 backwards Quarks to create a shield around you. With 14 different combos at your disposal it’s up to you to work them all out.

cat physics

Schrodingers cat and his quantum attacks

Image from italicpig


Talking to writer and director Kevin Beimers he cited both the Oddworld games and Lemmings as the inspirations for the game. He liked the depth and story telling in the Oddworld games, but also that they were able to inject humor without taking away from the main narrative. With Lemmings he said that the main element of “Here’s the end, here’s to tools, do it”, and the lack of hand-holding the game utilised.

schrodingers coin

Awesome collectors coin i was given to by Kevin Beimers

Image ©Stuart Greig


The game is avaible now on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/295490/
Visit them at http://italicpig.com/
Follow them on https://twitter.com/italicpig


Featured Image ©Stuart Greig

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