Dragon Age: Origins free!?

Dragon Age: Origins free with Origin, grab your copy today!

Dragon Age: Origins, One of Biowares amazing line ups can be downloaded for free with Origin on PC. The Dragon slaying RPG puts you in the shoes of a new grey warden as you attempt to save the Country of FereldenĀ from the third blight and civil war.

Tactical gaming at it finest, and sprital succeser of ‘Baldur’s gate’ create your character as a warrior, mage or thief, be you human, elven or a dwarf and engross yourself in vast world or Dragon Age. your choices will effect how your game will turn out and with characters and NPC’s with such personality you cant go wrong.
The game originally came out in November 2009 and won many awards, including IGN’s PC Game of The Year and has sold more than 3.2 Million copies worldwide.

Still not convinced check out the ‘Sacred Ashes’ trailer here:

Download the game now: http://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/free-games/on-the-house?utm_medium=email&utm_source=arm&utm_campaign=origin-email-na-gem-arm-na-origin-oth-daorigins-oct14-&sourceid=origin-email-na-gem-arm-na-origin-oth-daorigins-oct14-

Hurry! As offer ends on October 14th 2014


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