EGX 2014 games review

EGX 2014 has come and gone, leaving most gamers wanting more, after a taste of the most latest up and coming games.

EGX 2014, hosted at Earls Court once again has sadly ended. The members at Renegade came away with a little more on our plates than we wanted with the amazing games and previews we got to play and see. More in depth reviews coming soon on them.

With big hits like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Unity, Alien: Isolation, Dragon age Inquisition and Evolve we really were spoiled this year, and with these amazing games due out there is a lot to look forward to in the future.

The queue for the event was long and I advise you get there early if you only have a ticket for one day, as queues for some of the big hitting games were as long as two hours (yes Evolve, were talking about you, you tasty bit of gaming heaven). So we definitely advise checking the event map and finding out where you want to head to first and make a beeline for the games you want to see first. Bring a hand held device for the queues, it helps. Of course we also advise going multiple days, that way if you miss anything you can get to see it the following day, or like us, you can get in get to the queue for the game you want to play first and get it out of the way, saving yourself some time that can be spent checking out the rest of the event.

Fans que to play the new Call of Duty. Taken and edited by Editor Jojo Yap
Fans que to play the new Call of Duty. Taken and edited by Editor Jojo Yap.

Crowds were larger than last year, being ranged from the casual to hardcore, and of course many many cosplayers. But all handled well and with other entertainment happening around you there’s plenty of things to look at while you queue.
Our top five games from Renegade that we got to play are as followed-


From the team that brought us ‘Left 4 Dead’ comes the hard hitting, monster hunting take on a 4 v1 gameplay. Four friends can party up in order to hunt down another player controlled alien monster. With more environments and monster still to announce, we at Renegade are really looking forward to getting our hands on this. Kraken, the latest monster announced, seemed to like flying about and shocking us to death. We would have had him… If it wasn’t for the local wildlife and man-eating plants that were thrown into the mix. Evolve is looking to come out February 10th 2015 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Battlefield Hardline

Now this was a game we are really looking forward to. We have been fans of the Battlefield series for a while now and were actually slightly worried about this. Was it just going to be another skin for Battlefield 4? At first the game feels very familiar to previous battlefield titles but made a lot smoother and quicker. The new game mode they let us play with an adaptation of the familiar “Conquest” mode, the adaptation being that the control points where vehicles that could be driven around the map. At first this was a fantastic idea but it did just end up with all the cars being driven to the middle of the map so people could play a normal Death-match, but it was still fun! In-between dying we got to try out the gun modification tables and this felt a lot easier to use.

The Order: 1886

One of the few console specific games we tried out at EGX was one we at Renegade were looking forward to playing. Set from a third person shooter perspective in what could only be described as a “Past Future” setting. For want of a better phrase it was decidedly Steampunk but without a metric ton of steam powered cogs. From the trailers that have been released it seems to take itself very seriously and wants to tell an epic story. The demo we had to play with wasn’t the longest but put you straight into the action fighting your way through the back streets of what could only be London armed with a long ranged flame-thrower. The action didn’t let up for a moment and let you see a lot of different interactions and QTEs that will be in the game (like healing or dragging an unconscious NPC). Our only worry is that it might get a bit repetitive in the final product but then again that could be said for any game.

Shadows of Mordor

Shadows of Mordor looks like it’s going to be big, and from what we got to play of it, we are very impressed. Mixing stealth like attributes from Assassins Creed and combat elements from the Batman Arkham series and set it in one of the most epic fantasy realms, you play Talion, a ranger as you try to take down the evil lord Sauron’s army from the inside. The game has the unique feature of taking command of the enemy and turning them into allies. This makes each ‘encounter’ tactical and different each time. Taking command of Orcs and Mordor’s wildlife, giant monsters and such is very amusing. Fans of the Lord of the Rings series will find this appealing too as it doesn’t ruin any lore by messing with the timeline of events of the saga. Definitely should be on your Christmas list.

Alien Isolation.

Well. What can we say here? Chilling? Breathtaking? Heart stopping? The game really defines the survival horror aspect down to a tee. You play Amanda Ripley as she investigates the disappearance of her mother. The environment looks amazing, everything is how it should be just like when the films were made. Clunky consoles and old school computer displays, you really do feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Well. It was nice to look around when we could, as that pesky alien stalks down the hallway towards us as we crouch behind some cargo boxes crying slightly to ourselves. This game is Terror refined. looking at the motion tracker you notice movement getting closer, darting into a supply room you lose track of it, the door opens down the hall and you think you see a tail go into a vent. Time to move? Wait for a bit? Maybe reach for some new underwear as you’re going to need them to finish this game.

EGX will be moving to the NEC in Birmingham 24th to 27th September 2015. Too far off? EGX Rezzed will be in London at Tobacco Dock from 12th to 14th March. Tickets available now at http://www.egx.net/rezzed/

All photos © Jojo Yap
Article by Scott Sanderson and Christopher Hohenkerk

Samus Aran Cosplay. Taken and edited by Editor Jojo Yap
Samus Aran Cosplay. Taken and edited by Editor Jojo Yap.


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