With the Super Smash Bros demo set to release ahead of its launch next month, certain members of Club Nintendo were given special codes to access the demo ahead of time. While I was not among the lucky people who were given codes, I am however friends with one delightful Abby Sharratt who kindly gifted me one of her codes. I got the download code in-putted and instantly fired up the game.

Picking Megaman for my first go, I claimed victory by activating his final smash with literally seconds to spare (the countdown flashed over the top of his amazing final smash move) and obliterating other newcomer to the series, the Animal Crossing Villager. With a tight initial control scheme, both X and Y handle jumping, A handles standard attacks and B plus any directions is specials. The L trigger handles throws and throwing items and R handles dodging and blocking. I expect you’ll be able to alter the control settings to your liking, perhaps utilising the Circle Pad Plus in an alternate control scheme.

Next up was controlling Pikachu. Where my initial match as Megaman was a flailing button mash, Pikachu and I go way back. Donning my favoured green bandanna, I set about laying waste to Link and Mario. While you can edit the colour of your character and the difficulty of your opponent, you are restricted to only the stage Battlefield. A multitude of items arrive, from old favourites such as the pokeball and pill bottles, to the new three part laser cannon. You must collect all three pieces, much like the glider item from Smash Bros Brawl and when completed, you can launch a screen filling laser.

The demo gives you the option to choose five characters, Pikachu, Mario, Link and two newcomers I mentioned earlier, Villager and Megaman. I could sit and gush over Megamans final smash as its so brilliant but it was fun to pick up characters I was familiar with and test them out on a system that wasn’t the much vaunted and beloved Gamecube controller. This is an important consideration, considering the Wii-U will have a special adaptor released that offers Gamecube pad support, its that important to the fanbase. But with regards to the 3DS version, the controls are tight and players familiar with smash will very quickly find themselves at home.

Most interestingly is what the demo doesn’t let you access but does show you. First off, there is StreetSmash, which demands you face your rivals, suggesting you and your friends will have bouts whether its you at the controls or not. Smash Run, where you can “hone your skills across a vast labyrinth, then test your mettle in a final battle” is visible but not selectable. The online option is visible but not selectable, along with a challenges button, promising prizes for completing challenges.

The Games and More tab has Classic mode, group battles for local multiplayer with friends and the customise section. New to this incarnation is the ability to play as your own Mii during the fights. Here, you’ll boost your Mii with power-ups you earn or you can use those same items to buff up existing roster members.

Its possible to get a sneak peak at the roster and level select, although these are potentially merely for demo purposes and all likely subject to change.

The demo for the game is released on the 19th of September and the full game released in Europe on October 3rd. See you in the arena, fight fans, Samus and I look forward to poundi… MEETING you and having an even and fair fight!

Image from www.smashbros.com

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