Wyntercon Preview 2: This time it’s closer…

With Wyntercon less than two months away, here’s an update on all the recent developments in what’s going to be a fantastic event.

Here at renegade we first mentioned Wyntercon back in April and at that point not a lot of information had been released. We knew it was happening in Eastbourne in East Sussex and we knew a few of its headline stars (see the original article here). Since then a lot has happened. The event has grown substantially in popularity both online and locally and the organizers promoted the event at a recent airshow with a giant inflatable Stay Puft marshmallow man!

StayPuffAll has not gone well how ever. The highlight of Wyntercon is going to be a Halloween Masquerade ball to be held in the Atlantis night club on Eastbourne Pier. On the 30th of July the pier was caught in a catastrophic blaze. No one was hurt but organizers feared the pier was lost and they would have to struggle to find a new venue with such a short amount of time remaining. Luck however was on their side and after long discussions between the pier owners and builders it was announced that parts of the pier are safe enough to use and Atlantis would rise to the event!

The announcements from the Wyntercon Facebook page have been coming thick and fast in recent weeks announcing more artists, writers and special effect masters. Recently they made a huge announcement with Jamie Anderson, youngest son of the great Gerry Anderson who of course created legends like Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet. Jamie Anderson now runs Anderson Entertainment and will be appearing all weekend with a display and puppets from the Anderson collection.


Also appearing will be Toby Froud promoting his short film “Lessons Learned”. Now the name may not mean much to you but it soon will. As you watch the attached trailer you may think that the style of puppetry in this seems familiar, along with the style of set. The reason being is that Toby Froud’s parents were set designers for both “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth”, and Toby himself appeared in “Labyrinth”….as the Baby Toby! “Lessons Learned” will be showing along side a number of films on the Saturday night at the 3 cinema take over. Other films include “Legend”, “Blade Runner” and a Hammer Horror double bill.


HeyWyntercon is still happy to state that this isn’t going to be an event where you can meet the big movie stars. There are going to be some fantastic actors there like Virginia Hey who famously played Zhaan in “Farscape”. Virginia is also known for her roles in both “Mad Max” and “Living Daylights” as the Bond Girl Rubivich. Also announced have been numerous artists and writers along with a host of staff from 2000AD. There is also a large focus on special effects and make up at Wyntercon with a whole zone of the event being dedicated to demonstrations and hands on experiences.

Wyntercon has a massive line up of guests and events that are far too numinous for me to mention here so please check out the Whats On page of their website. Highlights for me include My3DTwin, Laser quest and The Steampunked Mad Hatters Tea party, but as I’ve said I’m not going to go into that…

Wyntercon is going to be an amazing event and a real refreshing experience compared to the known conventions in London. The Wyntercon team have worked hard to bring an event of this magnitude to the south coast but I think their hard work will pay off. I’m going to be there all weekend and will be in costume at least once to really enjoy the atmosphere and look forward to seeing as many of you as I can!


For more information please visit www.wyntercon.com

For the Wyntercon Facebook page please visit www.facebook.com/wyntercon

All images Copyright Wyntercon 2014

Lessons Learned Copyright Toby Froud


  1. EDIT: Toby Froud won’t actually be at the event but his film “Lessons Learned” will have its Sussex Premier.

  2. i have been really looking forward to wynter con in october as there will be lots of fun and exciting things to do, i have never really cosplayed before so it will my first time but im looking forward to it and getting to meet people who will be doing it as well.

    • Hi Sebastian,
      That’s great! We’ll hopefully see you at the event. Who are you cosplaying as?
      If you see Chris or an RR person with a camera, make sure we get your photo!

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