Sheffield Comic Con 2014

Comic con comes to Sheffield!

As a longtime attendee of expos and conventions here in the UK, it was a pleasant surprise to see that Showmasters decided to bring their comic con to Sheffield, a town very close to yours truly. Having procured a day ticket, I decided to go and see how it measured up to the much vaunted LFCC.


Lead to the arena by The Doctor himself (12th Doctor edition!), I was unfortunately a bit late to get in for the early bird queue. However, there was NO queue. I strolled right into my designated entrance and I was in! Taking place in an arena, their setup was simultanaeously quite ingenious and detrimental at the same time. With the con proper taking place in the lower arena, the upper outer ring was used to house the events guests. This was an excellent idea as it meant that people who were there specifically for the guests didnt have to fight their way through the main floor to reach the queues. On the other hand, I did manage to walk right past Sir Anthony Head and Alan Rhys Davies before I realised exactly where the guests were situated. With a range of TV stars, comic artists and movie stars, there was a great selection and I never passed any daunting queues, even the A-listers had queues that I expect people didn’t have to wait too long.

On hand there was the blue screen photo ops where you could have your photo taken either piloting the Tardis ala Dr Who or taking your rightful place on the Iron Throne of Westeros from Game of Thrones. Various movie vehicles were mercifully placed to the side where people could have photos without obstructing the main flow of the guests. The stands and traders were standard fare with comics, figures, weapons, costumes, signed prints and much much more on sale, even I came away with a souvenir.


Ms Luna Cosplay and co tell it as it is

Meeting up with fellow Renegade Ruth, we attended a panel run by Ms Luna Cosplay and Kurt Garrett on cosplay and feeling confident in yourself. Despite some technical niggles, it was an informative and quite funny panel. On the subject of Cosplayers, there was a reasonable selection however compared to other cons this was very much a case of quality over quantity with lots of excellent costumes. I personally abandoned my costume mid-way through the day (a latex pig mask isn’t conducive to indoor arenas packed with folks).


Renegades stylin’ and profilin’

In closing, it was an enjoyable day, the fact it was in the arena meant that there was never a shortage of somewhere for people to sit, whether you’re juggling shopping bags, kids or just need a sit down after your tenth lap of the hall. Overall I’d recommend attending next time it rolls around, even if it’s just for a day.



  1. Considering I didn’t attended Sheffield Comic Con, I can assure you that the panel wasn’t with me 😛

    It’s my good friend and fellow Vaas cosplayer, Kurt Garrett. Don’t worry, you’re far from the first person to make that mistake.

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