Now cast your mind back a few years, and news surfaced that professional wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had been approached by DC to appear in one of their upcoming films. the internet went wild with speculation over who he’d play. Black Manta, Lobo, Doomsday and John Stewart were all names being thrown around, but he has finally revealed that he shall be playing Shazam’s Black Adam, in an as of yet unnamed film.

Announcing the role via his twitter profile, he tweeted:

Sharing many of the same powers as his nemesis Billy “Shazam” Batson, though In recent story-lines, Black Adam has gone from more of a main villain to Shazam, spending his time trying to clear his name and protect the country of Kahndaq in Shazam’s absence

Dc have recently announced that 10 films that are going to be spread out between now and 2020, kicking off with Batman V Superman next year, so where will this film fit in? Or will he be one of the “Big Bads” in the Justice League film, set to take place after the Solo Wonder Women film? We’ll have to wait and see.

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