Nintendo have announced an upcoming upgraded 3DS/3DSXL with a plethora of new features. Incorporating many features of the, until now, sold seperately Circle Pad Pro, the new model will feature additional triggers buttons and a smaller analogue stick, meaning Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Kingdom Hearts players to name a few, will be able to play using the advanced control systems.

Many gamers are skeptical of Nintendo whenever a new handheld is released, often choosing to release new models a year/two years later with just a handful of new features, many fans are critical of this approach. However this model is reportedly a considerable upgrade, not just with a bigger screen but with functionality upgrades.


It also boasts a more powerful CPU, allowing for faster E-shop browsing and will enable players to play upcoming titles which make use of the improved power, such as Xenoblade Chronicles, due next year. This game is apparently not playable on prior models because of a reliance on the newer tech.

The new system will have built-in NFC tech to allow gamers to use their Amiibo figurines when the range launches later this year. The new model will also boast sliding custom covers for the device meaning you can customise it the way you want, along with improved stereoscopic 3D effects compared to previous models.

The systems are set to launch in Japan in October but no American or European date has been offered. Likely we will see them eventually but sales may play a large factor.

How do you feel about the new models release? Will you be grabbing one when they’re available? Will Nintendo finally listen to fans and make these models region free? Only time will tell, lovelies!


Image copyright to Nintendo

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