During the Sony E3 conference, news of a TV series based on the Brian Michael Bendis comic Powers broke, and ever since people have speculated as to who would play the two leads of ex-power Christian Walker, and his partner Deena Pilgrim.

Deadline has reported that District 9 and Elysium star Sharlto Copley has been cast as the square jawed Christian Walker, with Deena being played by the Following’s Susan


Christan walker in Powers and Sharlto Copley

Joining them as the series “Big Bad” Wolfe is none other than Eddie Izzard, following on from his role as Dr Abel Gideon in NBC’s Hannibal.


Deena Pillgrim in Powers and Susan Heyward

Game of Thrones actor Noah Taylor has been cast as criminal mastermind Johnny Royalle, who has a deep history with Walker, and will play a larger role as the series develops

The first volume, and possibly series, of Powers centers around the death of the modern day iteration of Retro Girl, a world famous Power, with a strong sense of justice and who is being played by The Killing and Orphan Black’s Michelle Forbes. With the first two episodes being directed by Hannibal’s David Slade and written by comic scribe Brian Michael Bendis, shooting should be starting soon, to stay on track for it’s December release date on PSN, being free for PS+ users, and using a pay per episode module for others.


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