With Monster Hunter 4 due to come out early next year, here at Renegade we’re starting to feel the hype.

Western release for Monster Hunter 4 Is due early 2015 and it seems Capcom have made some very dramatic changes to the game while continuing its rampage as one of the most favourable grinding games with a hardcore fan base. We – myself and fellow Renegade editor Jojo – got a chance to give it a go at Hyper Japan 2014, here’s some of things we will share with you guys.

Renegade Revolution's editor Jojo with a Feyline plushie

Renegade Revolution’s editor Jojo made a new friend 🙂

Let’s talk changes, There are two new weapons to pick from. The charge axe; a new balanced combo, which starts off as a sword and shield, can be charged by attacking in this form and then can be transformed into an axe, negating the ability to block for an all-out attack. The other weapon is the insect staff, an interesting concept, you can customize the staff and insect to inflict status effects or deal various element damage coupled with the ability to let the hunter unleash various combos like the long sword but also allow the hunter to make aerial attacks.

Aerial attacks?

That’s right, one of the biggest features of Monster Hunter 4 is the fact the Capcom is trying to avoid the flat landscape of the previous generations and focus on a more free flowing system, which will allow hunters to climb most surfaces and pursue monsters with more ferocity. But back to aerial attacks, every weapon now has the move sets for aerial attacks, with this ability to climb and jump with more freely hunters will be able to jump onto monsters to inflict more damage in a new combat mini-game. While holding on the monster will buck and jump around in an attempt to remove you. Rodeo time! With a successful mount a gauge will appear, when green you can stab and slash at the monster with your knife and the hunter icon will move across the gauge. But when it’s not green holding R will make the hunter hold on as the monster goes wild, if done incorrectly the monster icon will move to the right. Reaching the end before the monster will knock the creature down and it will be open to incoming attacks. This new feature is fresh and will give any player a huge amount of pride after doing so.
The game looks fantastic and you can tell it has been made with the 3DS in mind as all areas are new and haven’t been recycled from the previous games.
The monsters. Oh the monsters.

Monster Hunter 4 Grapple system

Monster Hunter 4 Grapple system

A new record in monster hunter history as MH4 breaks the record of total monsters with 20 smaller and 52 large monsters!! That’s 72 in total!! returning favorites are Apceros, Cephadrome, Cephalos, Diablos, Black Diablos, Monoblos, Kheuzu and Yian Kut-Ku from generation one. The Daimyo Hermitaur, Plum Daimyo Hermitaur, Congalala and Tigrex from generation two. Not to mention a whole new cast of monsters – including the flagship monster the Gore Magala.
The Gore magala is quite unique as it has six limbs and the temperament of a Nargacuga. A nasty combination of black fur and scales that wants to put a dent in your hunting career. Lets just say it took down our two guys from Renegade – with an extra two hunters – pretty fast 🙁

The other new feature I wanted to talk about here is one of the new status effects: Wyvern Virus. In MH4 there seems to be a new effect that is taking its toll on some monsters. After a successful high rank hunts the monster will appear to have died. But then it will come back to life, a red glow in its eyes and clouded in a black and purple haze. It will become faster and stronger. Scary, huh? But that’s not all: If an infected monster hits a hunter, they too will also become infected with the virus. A new gauge will appear under the hunters name and will slowly begin to fill as the virus incubates within. Once full you will be fully infected and you will take more damage if hit and will lose your ability to naturally heal damage over time. However during the incubation phase if you hit the monster enough the hunter will conquer the virus and for a small period of time gain a higher affinity rate (Will increase the chance to score critical hits) With this in mind, it seems Capcom will want use to push the fight; making hunting even more dynamic.

Gore Magala standoff

Gore Magala standoff

With a more involved main story-line, the length of the game will take an avid player up to 30-40 hours to complete. But as in all monster hunter games, that’s when you start to unlock the harder quests and G rank hunts. Also with now included Wi-Fi the 3DS will make it a lot easier to connect to other hunters and friends for hunts, much to the enjoyment to fans who wanted this feature for MH3U.
One thing is for sure it’s a new step in hunting for Capcom and for myself I’m defiantly looking forward to getting my hands on it, as well as a few other members of Renegade.

The hunt is on…

Monster Hunter 4 at Hyper Japan

Monster Hunter 4 at Hyper Japan

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