Giants in Liverpool: Calling All Attack on Titan Cosplayers

Giants are coming to Liverpool next week for a public event. Why not attend in cosplay and get featured on Renegade Revolution?

Next week is the centenary of the start of World War 1. A stunning commemorative event is being held in Liverpool, featuring a troupe of giant effigies which will be touring the city centre from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th July. And when we say giant, we really mean it:

A shot of the Giant's feet, humans for scale
A shot of the Giant’s feet, humans for scale

Amazing, huh? This is the Giant Spectacular, and is an inventive and grand way to celebrate such a momentous event. It’s also free to all members of the public.

Here at Renegade Revolution we would love to see some selfies or group photos of you guys in giant-related cosplay (I personally would love to see some Attack on Titan Survey Corps members), with the giants in the background!

We DO ask that you are respectful and sensible, however. Be mindful of the many members of the public who will be there and of the fact that there will be crowds, so please don’t use any cosplays that may have massive attachments or bulky/sharp design.

Submit your photos to admin@renegade-revolution.com after next weekend, and we shall feature them in an exclusive photo album!


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