This month is a great month for Pokemon fans. Not only have we had confirmation of the Pokemon Trading Card Game available soon on the 3DS virtual console, not only have we had confirmation that the secret bases ARE returning in Pokemon Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphira that utilise Streetpass exactly like we all wanted but Nintendo are spoiling us with not one but two giveaways to Pokemon X and Y players!fancy_pattern_vivillon

First on the giveaway list is the “Fancy” Vivillon available  via the games mystery gift system. The evolved form of Scatterbug gave trainers extra collection potential with a massive 20 different variants depending on where in the real world your 3DS was registered. Simply connecting your system to the internet and picking Mystery Gift at the games menu screen will allow you to download your Fancy Vivillon, much like players who got the game near to launch were able to get a free Torchic complete with Blazikenite.pokemon-x-and-y-charizard

Secondly, Starting the 11th July, GAME stores in the UK will be offering an event similar to a recent event in Japan where if you bring your Pokemon game and 3DS instore, you’ll receive a code to get a Charizard complete with the Charizardite that is opposite to what you’ll have received in-game. As Charizard is the only starter to receive two megavolutions dependant on which mega stone they hold, you’ll be able to obtain either Charizardite X for the vicious black and blue Charizard or Charizardite Y for the more wyvern-esque Charizard. This promotion is also available through Nintendo Zone if you have any applicable areas nearby! The promotion runs from the 11th July to the 10th August and is intended to drum up interest for the new TCG set Flashfire.

Last but by absolutely no means least, we’ve recieved news of a new mega evolution announced: The mighty Metagross!


Serving the Hoenn Champion Steven, details are currently few and far between, leaving us to ponder what additional abilities mega evolution will add to the already menacing Metagross! Time will tell as CoroCoro offer us up more information

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