First released on the original Game Boy back in 1998, the digital version of the collectible trading card game is getting a re-release for the 3DS on their Virtual console platform on the eShop.

Starting with one of three starter packs, based on the three starting Pokemon from the Red and Blue variations of the game, players must then collect cards, build decks and fight the Club masters of the world, who each use a different element in their decks, in order to get the chance to fight the Grand Masters, and inherit their Legendary Bird cards.

Pokemon - Trading Card Game (21)
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The game was one of the first spin-offs to come from the Pokemon gaming franchise, and instantly became a cult hit, spurring tournaments and playground showdowns upon release. A sequel was released in 2001 in japan, but never made it west, so hopefully if this sells well, we’ll finally get a chance to play it.

There is currently no US release date, but the EU gets this classic hit today (July 10th) for the low price of £4.49.

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