Monster Hunter Stampedes onto iOS!

Capcom’s Monster Hunter Freedom 2 beasts it’s way onto iOS!

Fans of Capcom’s beast bashingly brilliant Monster Hunter series have something to get happy about today as the game comes to the App store, priced at $14.99 in the States.

An expanded version of the original Monster Hunter Freedom 2, this new versions sports higher HD resolution (up to 2048 x 1536 on an iPad), touchscreen optimization, support for controller peripherals on iPhone and iPod Touch with real-time four player co-op support via wi-fi.

For the initiated, the bulk of the Monster Hunter series is as follows: pick your weapon from a wide range of weapons, from speedy dual swords and longs swords, to heavier weapons such as hammers and great swords, defensive weapons like the gun-lance and lance or long range options such as bows and both light and heavy bow-guns. When you’re equipped, you’ll enter a quest with an objective which, more likely than not, involves tracking down a giant creature and engaging it in battle.

One aspect of the Monster Hunter franchise that sets it apart is its challenge. While not quite Dark Souls level of difficult, the game is realistic enough that, if you get struck by a stampeding monster, your characters life bar will suffer for it. The right weapons for the right monster is essential as you’ll move slower with the heavier weapons but pack a much heftier wallop as a compromise. With no leveling up system outside better armour and weapons, the only way to improve is to LEARN. Learn the enemies tells, if it’s about to spray a high powered jet of water at you or leap into the air to crush you with its crabby backside, then evade and punish accordingly.

Working with other players is a total joy, coordinating assaults, destroying what were mighty titans like they were nothing, then getting pieces from them to craft new armour and weapons and taking on the next challenge and with the built in chat feature, this is even easier to implement.

The action role-playing game sees players work together to hunt down beasts, progress through a series of quests and explore the fighting combat system in full. Players will also be rewarded for their use of the combat system and encouraged to find more experienced hunters to learn from their expertise.


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