If you’re a 3ds owner and you’re like me, Streetpass plays a big factor in decided whether or not its worth going outside today. Initially, new owners start up their console and, entering Streetpass Plaza, can immediately play Streetpass quest and Streetpass Puzzle swap. When new games were announced and the option to download them put directly into your 3ds, players were saddened to find out they were not free. However as of last night (Thursday 26/07 to you and me), the games have been dramatically reduced in price with the combo pack containing all the extra games now only £8.99. I personally leapt at the chance to have them all and am eagerly looking forward to getting them but for those not in the know, here’s what you’ll be getting if you take the dive and purchase the combo pack.

  • Streetpass Squad: Command a team of Miis and mercenaries against the Gold Bone Gang.

  • Streetpass Garden: Become a master gardener and grow plants.

  • Streetpass Battle: Build an army and conquer the world.

  • Streetpass Mansion: Battle entities as you escape a haunted mansion.

Streetpass Squad

In this R-type style side scrolling shooter, the player is hunting the villainous Gold Bone and his Gold Bone Gang, who are plundering various planets across the universe; to stop him, the player recruits Miis and mercenaries to help defeat them. You’ll have three special goals per level, reach the required score by collecting gems and treasure, collecting all 5 treasures in a stage and completing the stage with all pods intact – Finishing the level without losing a pod (restarting a level gives you another chance at this). Acquiring allies via Streetpass, their colour will determine what their ship fires with a range of weapons available which rank up as you play. As with other Streetpass games, you can use accumulated coins to hire allies if you haven’t passed enough people to play.


Streetpass Garden

In Streetpass Garden, the player’s chosen Mii dreams of becoming a Master Gardener by growing 20 different plants, which, according to the game, can be hard to achieve for the chosen Mii. However, the player can invite other gardeners via StreetPass and have the help of a Master Gardener, Mr. Mendel. The player can also go shopping or talk to the guests than have come over, so there is a lot more to the game than growing plants. When the player has finally grown their 20th plant, Mr. Mendel congratulates the player on their accomplishment and gives the player the Master Gardener’s Crown. Mrs. Blossom also arrives, saying that she heard about the player growing their 20th plant, and the player celebrates with Mr. Mendel and Mrs. Blossom about their accomplishment.


There are two primary methods of bringing guests to your garden. One method is by StreetPassing other players. The other method is inviting former guests that have already been StreetPassed. You can bring back former Guests by paying two Play Coins.

Streetpass Battle

In Streetpass Battle, you have one very simple goal. World. Domination. Using Streetpass, you will amass an army of soldiers and generals and bringing the fight to neighbouring countries to subjugate them under your rule. Building your army can be done by two ways, either by meeting other people by Streetpass, or hiring mercenaries with Play Coins. When StreetPassing 3DS owners who haven’t downloaded Warrior’s Way, their army comes in as the same number of that person’s plaza population and are automatically recruited. StreetPassing a monarch gives you the options to “Greet Peacefully” or “Attack”. Greeting peacefully avoids a battle and the monarch leaves, with the monarch sometimes donating a small number of his or her troops to your army.


Attacking the troops initiates a battle with the monarch. Beating the monarch in battle adds all of his or her troops to your army. Hiring mercenaries requires you to pay a certain number of Play Coins, more than the usual 2 play coins in the other StreetPass games and sometimes mercenaries may bring more troops than usual when they arrive at the player’s castle.

Streetpass Mansion

Last but by no means least, is Streetpass mansion. In it, your chosen Mii is an investigator trying to solve the mystery of a haunted house by getting to the 30th floor, with the help of their partner, Iris Archwall, as well as the other investigators inside, the player explores numerous floors and battle numerous monsters along the way. However, there is a catch, most of the rooms in the mansion are hidden and can only be revealed by setting down map pieces provided by the other investigators.


Finding the stairs in each floor is also the only way to progress to the next one. There are also bosses on certain floors that guard the stairs, and the player will not be able to get to the next floor until that boss is defeated. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, and is segmented out into different modes. The player will first be allowed to set a tile, which may result in a monster encounter. If the set tiles create a room, it can result in anything from the player finding new items, to teaming up with other Miis, to being able to store or upgrade items in an extradimensional box. There is a wealth of weapons you can unlock to help you in the battles you encounter.

All these new plaza games reward progress with vouchers for the shop which allows you to buy special hats and outfits for your Mii that’re exclusive to the pack. I highly recommend grabbing this combo set while its at this reduced price or if you like the sound of only one, get that although, through a bizarre system, if you buy any of the games singularly, you can no longer get the combo pack.

Thanks to Edge online, Ign and Metro.co.uk for the images.

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