News has leaked that Namco Bandai are reportedly working on a Godzilla game for the ps3, scheduled for release in Japan in the winter. The first Godzilla console game since 2007’s Godzilla: Unleashed on the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2, looks set to tie in with the end-of-year release of the latest Godzilla movie from Gareth Edwards.

While its not been revealed where this ‘zilla is going to be rampaging, its probably a safe be that his stomping grounds of Tokyo or recent home away from home, America, are likely on his naughty list.


Can the success of Godzilla in America warrant a release in the UK/US?

One noteworthy comment said that Namco Bandai will NOT be basing Godzilla on the 2014 film, instead using the SH Monsterarts design in response to vocal Japanese fans being unhappy with Godzillas new bulkier, brawnier look in the new movie. Described as an action game rather than a beat-em-up like the majority of its predecessors, there has been no word on any other monsters appearing yet, its probably a safe bet that the game will feature some of Godzillas adversaries such as Mothra, King Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla, among others. I mean, can you imagine a game or movie about Godzilla where he doesn’t battle another giant monster? That’d be awful right? Aha….ha….oh…. ANYWAY the emphasis that its an action game does perhaps imply a more story driven experience with missions and objectives rather than just bout after bout of fisticuffs.

shm godzilla The design potentially used for the new game

Previously, Atari handled Godzilla games, bringing out fan favourites for the ps2, Gamecube, Xbox and Wii. Namco Bandai have had success with its Naruto and Dragonball beatemups and seem a good fit, their experience with beatemups should help in what may be boss battles.

The relaunch of Godzilla did very well in the box offices but since it is not a direct tie-in movie game, there’s the dreaded chance we may never see it over here. Hopefully the success in the cinema will kick start more interest, big and scaly had a big enough fanbase prior to the reboot and that number has only grown thanks to the excellent movie.

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