Transformers: Robots In Disguise – Coming 2015

New Transformers animated show announced for Spring next year!


Hasbro have announced that the name of the next series featuring the Transformers will be “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” and will be airing in spring 2015 on The Hub kids channel. Actors attached include Darren Criss of Glee, Constance Zimmer, Michael Whitfield of TMNT fame and Ted McGinley.

First announced in March, the series will take place many years after the previous series, Transformers Prime. The storyline will see Bumblebee brought back to the Earth to defend it from a new faction of Decepticons, assembling a rogue team of young Autobots to do so. Currently, only Bumblebee, Sideswipe and new character Fixit have been announced but Bumblebees team will come to consist of a ‘rebel bad boy bot’ (quite like Sideswipe), an elite guard cadet (who will replace Bumblebee in this role), a bombastic Dinobot (my money would be on Grimlock but they may yet pull off an homage to Beast Wars and have it literally be THE Dinobot) and a hyperactive Mini-con (potentially the role Fixit will serve).

Its interesting to note that neither Optimus Prime nor Megatron, the two leaders of the Transformer factions and the most noticeable names are absent from any information. This represents quite a bold move for Hasbro, the big two have never been absent from a series, even Transformers Animated, which opted to have Megatron as a disembodied head for a good portion of the show, still included him. That isn’t to say they may not feature at a later date but all information indicates that Bumblebee is running this show. And as its Prime Bumblebee, I personally am quite excited at that prospect. In the previous and much loved Transformers Prime show, Bumblebee is a far cry from his prior, silly incarnations, fighting viciously and holding the highest bodycount in the show (he even kills Megatron at one point!”. If he shows even a fraction of the moxie he did in Prime, I’ll be happy to watch.

The art style is essentially a fusion of transformers animated and Prime, with Prime being completely CGI animated. Its unsure what tone the show is going to take, Transformers Prime had some decidedly dark moments and was no stranger to killing off main characters in particularly gruesome manners. Even Transformers Animated which had a much lighter tone was no stranger to taking dark turns (one story arc revolves around a fugitive Decepticon ambushing bumblebee AND TAKING HIS FACE). As a point of contention that’s not been addressed yet, there has been no mention of humans, no mention as to whether Miiko, Jack and Raph from Transformers Prime will return as this new series IS set in that universe. The human counterparts played a big part in Prime, but were a definite downside to many fans.

The show will revolve around Bumblebee bringing this team of Autobots who have little experience of working in a team and uniting them against the new Decepticon threat. Depending on how closely the show follows Prime, this may not be so hard to follow as Optimus Prime himself claims several times that he has the qualities a Prime must possess.

I’m personally quite optimistic. If the show offers Primes level of story telling and character development with the sense of fun Animated showed, we could be on the verge of something special!


  1. I am asking you to have this series put on channel 23 so that I will be able to watch it. Because I can’t afford cable TV at its price these days and I’ve been waiting to see the Transformers like this again for 24 years. Especially the dinobots since they look so cool, kick butt in a more physically way in both modes, and and allow the autobots to have a fighter in the sky.

  2. I wish they would have kept the same animation from Prime. It was so good. Since it is a sequel they should kept Prime’s animation for continuity. Hopefully we can see some characters from Prime in RID. I would like to see what happened to the original Team Prime plus Jack, Miko, and Raf

  3. I have watched almost six episodes of TF RID, and I am a fan fiction writer in Fan-Fic Net. I just wonder if ‘Bee has (um, it CAN’T BE!)… has Bumblebee forgotten Raf? I mean, there SHOULD be a slightest mention. And even more now since ‘Bee has met another teen like Rafael – that’s Russell.

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