Deciding, for the second year running, not to have a physical presence at E3, choosing instead to have a Digital event, in the form of a 45 minute Nintendo Direct, focusing entirely on new games and services coming to the Wii-U and 3Ds next year.

Starting off with some new information the the highly anticipated Super Smash Brothers for both consoles, with the 3DS version due out on October 3rd and the Wii-u version by the end of the year. Along with adding your personal Miis, and Palatena from Kid Icaruss to the fight, they announced Amiibo, a NFC based toy range. Think Nintendo meets Skylanders, Amiibo allows you to not only bring your favorite characters into your games, but it can also store information about how you use the figure in games. So you can use your Mario Amiibo in Super Smash Bros in you game and your friends game, and it’ll retain all your stored XP and settings for your sessions.

The launch range for Amiibo
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Following was the reveal of Yoshis Wooly World, a spin on the groundwork laid down by Kirbys epic yarn, with Yoshi made of wool in a fully destructible platformer.

Now imagine Toad from the super Mario brothers series. Mash that with Indiana Jones and you have your next title, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. A 3D puzzle platformer, in the same vein as the recent Super Mario World game, exclusive to the Wii-U.

Then came the news everyone was waiting for, the first footage from Zedla for the Wii-u! Showing us an open world, with beautiful landscapes with a questionable art style, and a protagonist that seems to bear more of a resemblance to to Sheik than Link, sporting a blue tunic and high-tech bow atop Epona. Releasing in 2015, with more news promised for Gamescom, this has many Nintendo fans in anticipation for more.


The new zelda art style. Link or Sheik though??
Image from Kotaku

Sticking with Zelda news, they showed more footage from the recently announced Hyrule Warriors, a mash-up of the Dynasty Warriors series and the Zelda franchises. Featuring a new style of local co-op, where one player uses the TV with the wii-mote and the player with the game pad uses the screen on the pad. This provides a full screen experience for both players, and not limiting screen space. Due for release on September 26th, I’d be interested to see the screen mechanic in action on launch.

Following on was a new IP, in the form of Splatoon. A 4v4 online multiplayer shooter with some very interesting gameplay features. you play as a shape shifting half squid, half humanoid armed with an ink gun. Now that may sound a crazy concept, but the gameplay they showed backs up this insane idea. The main goal is to spread your ink over the map, with some clever ways of traversal, where you can change to squid form to both hide and swim in your own ink. This opens up some interesting play-styles, with some choosing to speed ahead on their ink, whereas some just ambush others by hiding in the ink. With release later in 2015, this should be a surprise hit on the ailing console.


The ink filled world of Splatoon
Image from gamespot

With the shortest conference in recent history, Nintendo blasted us with new releases and updates on already announced titles. This was Nintendo in a nutshell, full of first party games, that over everything, look fun, and they helped to show us that that is whats important in gaming.

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