Microsofts E3 2014 Briefing at a Glance.

With a larger games presense than previous years, Microsoft have come out the gates running to kick off this years E3.

Kicking off this years E3 conferences is the “Xbox media briefing”.
Hosted by Phil Spencer, and with a larger focus on the games this year, this
has been one of the most surprising conferences I’ve seen in a long time.

As usual, it kicks off with the new Call of Duty: Advance warfare, showcasing some gameplay for the first time, with footage of the player dropping into Seoul in South Korea.
This presents us with a vastly improved graphical engine, which nicely shows off the power of the Xbox One, and revealing the exclusive timed DLC coming shortly after launch.
Call of duty Advance warfare in action
Image from Stealthybox.com

Following that came a myriad of trailers and game play ranging from the recently announced Forza Horizon 2, with a brand new gameplay trailer, Fable Legends, showcasing their asymmetric gameplay, where one player plays a form of tower defence style as the over arching villain, who is faced by 4 player controlled heroes, and an amazingly satirical section from Insomniac games, showing Sunset Overdrive, their over-the-top open world hack-and-slash.

Sunset Overdrives Unique art style
Image from Gameoverviews.com

For exclusives this year, the Xbox One is so far leading the charge with many of their games featuring either timed DLC exclusives or full console exclusivity, from the aforementioned Forza Horizon 2, to a new (possibly rebooted) Crackdown, and the oddly charming Project Spark.

Showcasing their indie drive this year was a new title from Playdead Studios, the company behind the smash hit LIMBO. Titled Inside, it seems to show a small child trying to escape from an almost Orwellian society. With a slightly more colourful art palate than the black and white LIMBO, it is still manages to convey a lot of emotion using very few colours.

Also spotted in a very fast paced montage of other indie games to be released were: Threes by Sirvo studios, Hyperlight drifter by Heart Machine, Plague Inc by Ndemic Creations and the recently kickstarted Mighty Number9 from Mega man creator Keiji Inafune.

One of the large surprises came from Crystal Dynamics, in the form of a new Tomb Raider game: Rise of the Tomb Raider. Showing an emotionally scarred Lara Croft in therapy from her ordeal on the island of the first game whilst coming grips with her newly found experience

Among all the reveals was a huge mic drop moment for the people over at 343 Industries, the company in charge of the Halo Franchise since Halo 4, with their unveiling of The Master Chief Edition. A collection of Halo 1, 2, 3 and 4 all remastered for the Xbox One with the full multiplayer experience, a whopping 4000 gamer score and a copy of the currently shooting Halo mini-series, now titled Halo Nightfall, that is being overseen by Alien director Ridley Scott.
The new logo for Halo Nightfall
Image from Halo Waypoint

Overall, this conference has almost made me and my friends buy an Xbox One, if only for the exclusives, but that’s a good thing. We previously have shunned the Xbox one, for its samey and limited line-up, to its price and forced Kinect. But now they’ve shown another side of the coin. The colourful side, the playful side, and the exclusive driven side of their line-up, that helps to drive the Xbox 360 into the forefront of the console market.

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