The internet was buzzing this past weekend as Japanese magazine CoroCoro released a wealth of information regarding the upcoming Pokemon games, Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire. With fans left with almost no new information from the announcement trailer, these developments have sent them into a frenzy.


First of all, the games other starting Pokemon will have megavolutions, with Mega Sceptile becoming Grass/Dragon type and gaining the ability Lightning Rod and Mega Swampert gaining the Swift Swim ability. The legendary Pokemon Diancie, introduced in the upcoming 17th Pokemon movie, Diancie and the cocoon of destruction will appear in-game and also has a mega evolution. Mega evolution will play a big part in the story, with Brendan and May using the “Mega Bangle” for evolution in battle and Steven returning to the storyline as a mega evolution researcher.


Legendary favourites Groudon and Kyogre return with powerful new “Primeval” or “Prehistoric” forms that channel natures energy. The land versus ocean dispute seems likely to play a strong factor with Team Aqua and Team Magma returning, with Archie and Maxie returning as leaders and all the teams from grunt to leaders receiving redesigned character art. Its implied that the new forms of Kyogre and Groudon will also come with new moves. Rayquaza does not feature in the article but its a safe bet that the green dragon snake will no doubt appear.


Brendan and May have new character art, with a decidedly summery look. Its not clear if you’ll be able to change their clothes yet. The original games dual bikes return, offering the tricky Acro and speedy Mach bikes.


The games are slated for release later this year and stores are already taking pre-orders. With the confirmation of more mega evolutions, drop me a comment below for your top five Pokemon you’d love to see get the extreme makeover treatment? Which version will you be getting? What other changes would you like to see?
Images property of CoroCoro Magazine.


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