New Stargate Trilogy, you say?

We hear word of Roland Emmerich wanting to remake the original 1994 Stargate movie, and it might even be a trilogy. Can this day get any better?

Stargate: an epic sci-fi film released in 1994 which chronicles the adventures of an archaeologist and an American military organisation who encounter Egyptian gods in space. The concept was so strong that it generated numerous spin-off movies and TV series, which explored the mythos in a lot more detail. But the original movie, despite its flaws, is special, and the news of a remake makes us feel all sorts of happy.

Both Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, who directed and wrote the original film, will be partnering up again to recreate this awesome franchise. Emmerich appears to have been getting all the nostalgic feels for his former works recently, as we hear a sequel to Independence Day is also in the works.

This desire to reboot the film was something Emmerich actually made public last Autumn, but now we have news that MGM and Warner Bros, who hold the rights, have finally relented and allowed this project to go ahead. It’s in the works, baby! It’s officially happening!

It’s hard not to get excited over this, because Emmerich is the king of high-concept movies (even if 2012 was nothing but a massive bellyflop), so we have high hopes for these remakes. With a bit of luck, he will take influence from Stargate’s TV series SG-1 and insert a little more character depth into it this time round! Stargate is an awesome film¬†that badly needs to be brought into the current day and age, so we await with bated breath.


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