The BBC’s teaser trailer for Doctor Who’s Season Eight, featuring Peter Capaldi, does exactly what is says on the tin. It’s not even a tease, featuring a short blip of a silhouetted Capaldi inside the Tardis, then ten seconds of dramatic music and title text. Not the most inspirational or enthusing of teaser trailers, and easy to miss if you so much as blink (but we Whovians are good at not blinking, I guess they’re reasoning).

Here’s the trailer in question. Go on, it will take mere seconds of your time.

Still with us? Good. Now, only one day after the BBC released their official trailer, up comes some guy named John Smith (if that’s even his real name), a VFX artist on Youtube and a Doctor Who fan. He releases his own fan-made trailer which, apart from being visually stunning, is quite magical and beautiful, and goes a long way toward making us feel excited about the new season being released this August.

Watch it here. It’ll only take a minute of your time, but it’s so worth it you’ll probably watch it again. This guy is a genius, and really shows the wider world why the geek community is so awesome when it gets excited about something.

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