Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers set to return!

The five teenagers with attitude are set to make a comeback in a new franchise of movies, will they stand the test of time and reach a new generation?

As a kid growing up in the 90s, there were a few simple, irrefutable truths in life. You had to have ALL of the Pogs. Your opinion on SEGA or Nintendo could forge or forever ruin friendships. And most of all, The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were the most incredible thing on TV. A team of five “Teenagers with attitude”, the multi coloured team were, for the vast majority of its fanbase, the introduction to the phenomenon that is ‘Sentai’. With toys, apparel, costumes, video games, DVD’s, comic books and other merchandise, it was difficult not to see something with their rainbow visage on. The additions of more rangers as the series continued only added to the excitement, culminating in the introduction of the White Ranger and the inevitable end game for most popular kid shows, especially ones that caused kid-wide frenzy like the MMPR did: The motion picture.

Now, more than 20 years later, Lionsgate and Saban Brands have partnered to develop and produce a brand new film based on the Power Rangers. The move is intended to bring the Rangers to the next level, with a reimagining of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With Lionsgate responsible for the success stories of The Hunger Games and Twilight, they have the experience and prowess to bring the MMPR back to the big screen. Since the rangers have been reinvented over and over for the past twenty years in countless different series, they’ve always been a presence in toy shops so children are always at least slightly aware of them. With the fanbase that grew up with MMPR now in their late 20s, there are going to be high expectations, forged in the unforgiving fires of nostalgia. They’ll have their work cut out to make it appeal to both the new fanbase they want to reach out to but also appeal to the fanbase that made them as popular as they are today.

The new movie is set to cover the Mighty Morphin concept but it will be a matter of time to see if it ties into the show or makes reference to any of the history of the show. Details on director, cast and release date haven’t been released at this time.

Image taken from powerrangers.wikia.com


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