The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review

As a big fan of Spiderman, I looked forward to the release of The Amazing Spiderman 2. Continuing on from where Amazing 1 left off, we see Spidey as a much more confident crime fighter, complete with a new, more comic accurate suit.

Where the first film had to work to establish Andrew Garfields Peter Parker as a separate entity to the Tobey Maguire movies prior, this sequel gets to build upon that and has more freedom to explore the lore that the first film established. While the suspicious circumstances surrounding Peters parents had to be put aside to tackle the more pressing origin issues in the first movie, this time around we get to discover more about the truth of Spideys parents, an omission from the first set of Spidey films.

But enough comparisons to the Avi Arad trilogy, The Amazing franchise has worked hard to set itself apart and in my personal opinion succeeds. The Spidey we see here moves even more like a comic book character than ever before, with advancements in CGI and special effects affording him a far more fluid appearance as he webslings through the city. As the promotional material focuses largely on it, its probably no big reveal to state that this time around, the movie pits Spidey against classic villain Electro. Altering his origin slightly, Max Dillon, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, is now an Oscorp employee as opposed to a random electrician. This fits into the theme since everything in the Amazing-verse centres around Oscorp and its scientific research. Introduced to the series is Peters childhood friend, Harry Osbourne, played by Dane Dehaan. Its an interesting parallel to see the two characters interact as they both feel they’ve been essentially dumped by their parents or specifically, their fathers. The human interactions feel much more genuine, especially in the case of Gwen Stacy, although their on again off again romance was a touch tiring.

While the human element is a strong factor, not many people would pay money to see “Peter Parker the movie”, its Spidey we came for and its Spidey we get. Every battle with Electro is spectacular, the film-makers making full use of their effects both visually and with regards to the audio, every attack Electro launches causes a reverberating electro beat, without being gimmicky or cheesy but adding a sense of dread to the battles. The scale of the battles progresses as the film goes on but one factor I personally enjoyed is Spidey having to THINK to defeat his enemy, in true comic style, he faces a new enemy, may not do so well, then comes back in the next round stronger and wiser with a plan to defeat his seemingly unstoppable foe.

There’s plenty in this latest adventure to please both hardcore comic fans and fans that are only into the movies. Here’s hoping to many more movies in this franchise as I for one would be quite happy to see more of Garfields Spidey.

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