“It doesn’t matter what world you come from, you’re welcome in ours.”

So says the tagline for Wyntercon, and from the outset it promises to be an inclusive, friendly atmosphere. This brand new convention celebrates sci-fi, fantasy, horror and alternative genres and will be running from Friday 31st October to Sunday 2nd November 2014.

It’s taking place in the aptly-named Winter Gardens in Eastbourne, and they have chosen this¬†area to continue the recent spike in interest that conventions and alternative films have seen in the South of England, and by mixing the theme across wider alternative genres, Wyntercon hopes to bring in more of a diverse audience. For instance, on the Sunday they are hosting an Independent Film screening day for those folk interested in indie films, and throughout the weekend they will have a large portion of the UK’s best comic creators present. The Horror and Cult Movie zone promises content and discussion form the guys behind the classic Space Monsters magazine. There is also an exclusive Dr Who set being built in the sci-fi zone, which should make a lot of Whovians very happy indeed!

The Halloween masquerade ball takes place at the aptly-named Atlantis nightclub, and has a sciencey theme. We will be most disappointed if there are not at least a few Stargate cosplayers, so don’t let us down, guys!

When it comes to cosplay, there’s lots of room for action. Not only is there a cosplay competition being sponsored by the illustrious Crystal Anvil, but there will also be photography booths and a green screen for all you photomanip enthusiasts! There’s also going to be SFX make-up tutorials and zombie-based fun from Silent Studios, so look out for that.

Special guests will include Michael Henbury; Ewok actor and member of the Goblin Troops in Labyrinth, Virginia Hey; the illustrious Zhaan from Farscape, and Steampunk band The Dark Design.

It’s always exciting when a new con comes to town. We think this one looks like it will be a lot of fun, and escaping away to Eastbourne on the Sussex coast for the Halloween weekend sounds pretty perfect. You can also check out the Wyntercon Facebook page for up-to-date news on special guests and attractions.

Tickets are on sale now from the Wyntercon website – and with day tickets from only ¬£9.99, you would be both grabbing a bargain and taking part in the birth of something new and awesome! All tickets are going fast, which is really great to see for such a new event, but it does mean one thing – the UK geek scene is active, enthusiastic and raring to go! Just make sure you don’t miss out!

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