Wales Comic-Con (or WCC) is held annually at Wrexham University and when I first head this I will be honest, I was a little skeptical. I was still skeptical when we arrived and parked outside the main Uni building, Until I realized I had parked in the wrong place. The event is actually held in the University’s sports hall which is around the back of the site and in itself is split into two buildings.

Looking at the larger picture Wrexham Uni is really well placed for both public transport and with numerous affordable hotels near by. It is also surrounded by a well laid out ring road and is very easy to find. If traveling by car I recommend parking nearer the sports hall than the main uni building, its a little distance and if your carrying kit like I was its a long trip!


If you planing on cosplaying this event I recommend wearing a costume that doesn’t involve needing somewhere to change in private. There are public facility but they are small and are not suited to being used as a changing room. There are changing rooms at sports hall but these are not open to the public.

Food and drink wise the event laid on a burger van but like any food source directly at an event it was a little pricey. A short walk away there is a small supermarket and a pub/restaurant so if you didn’t fancy what was on offer you wouldn’t need to travel too far.


The main sports hall is the focus of the venue with the ticket hall, main vendors and 90% of the celebrates housed there. Now you might be thinking to yourself “that sounds a little busy Chris, How are we going to fit in?” and you know what, I thought it too. The sports hall is exactly that, a sports hall. No bigger than a Basketball court. With all those stands in there there is very little room for punters. People have to be let in groups at a time so that it does not get too over crowded. There is a second hall where they house the Q&A sessions but that isn’t used for much else.


The Crowd

I have to say with it being such a small venue with not a lot of spare space the staff do a fantastic job of keeping people moving. You don’t get the usual “mobs” of people at entrances and exits blocking the path for other people. Granted there isn’t much space to take pictures of costumers inside the event but you can if your patience. The only real hang up some people have is the queue to get in. It did get a little long but with it being a small venue that is understandable. Last year the crowd was entertained by costuming groups like the UKCM walking the lines to pose for photos and have a bit of fun.

The UKCM after a successful bug hunt.

The UKCM after a successful bug hunt.

In summing up Wales Comic Con is a very well run event with a good mix of guests and a good crowd. Dont expect to be here all day though. It can easerly be seen in a few hours if your not planning on making any talks or Q&A sessions.


UKCM picture copyright – Kim Bradley

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