Monster Hunter is a game that can either be played solo, or can be networked to bring people together to hunt down terrifying creatures. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was launched for the 3DS and Wii U in March 2013, becoming a smash hit here in the West. After the latest news of Monster Hunter 4 on its way over (coming 2015), fans are already getting excited.

On to the matter at hand, Monster Hunter is always best played co-op with other people; sitting with friends and hunting giant beasts as a team of up to four people is great but trying to find others with a 3DS and a copy of the game can sometimes be difficult. Also, not everybody is fortunate enough to have a Wii U in order to play online.

Drumroll please… As our editors Jojo and Scott (myself) had a rare opportunity to visit Capcom HQ, based in London, to attend a Monster Hunter themed event, held by the gaming giants themselves, which included a very special guest; Ryozo Tsujimoto. Son of Kenzo Tsujimoto, the CEO of Capcom, Ryozo first joined Capcom in 1996 as a Games Planner before moving onto bigger pastures as the producer of the Monster Hunter franchise; starting from Monster Hunter Portable onwards.


Jojo and Scott at the Capcom HQ

Jojo and Scott at the Capcom HQ


On Wednesday 26th February 2014, Jojo and I attended the latest Monster Hunter event, held in London at the Capcom UK Headquarters. Arriving at Capcom’s reception area, excitement had already taken us and we were escorted into a room full of fellow Hunters within a short time, where we were welcomed as part of the group. Jojo received a very special welcome with a round of applause as she was the only one to arrive in full Monster Hunter armour. We both found it very nice to meet new people – all with similar interests – brought together by one thing we all really enjoy. Within minutes, we had already partied up with two other members and were already indulging into a quest.

The chatter and friendly banter was only ever broken up when one of the event staff set competitions to win Monster Hunter merchandise. Unfortunately, Jojo was just shy of winning the second competition (only seconds behind the winner), and we as a group just fell short of winning the third due to player error (neither of us were guilty!).

We spent hours chatting and hunting (though it didn’t really seem that long), until the special guest, Ryozo Tsujimoto, was announced to be joining us within less than fifteen minutes. Everybody was thrilled – and even more so when the man himself entered the room to a round of applause and shouts of joy. He then made his way to his desk – specially decorated for the occasion – where he signed merchandise for the fans that attended. The queue was quite long, snaking back on itself throughout the joined room, but everybody was patient and not one person was left out from the signing session. Both of us were thrilled to meet one of the legends behind the Monster Hunter franchise and were even more happy to get his autograph on our merchandise.


jojo and Ryozo pose for effect

jojo and Ryozo pose for effect


Ryozo took a special shining to Jojo, having been the only person to turn up in a Monster Hunter cosplay, where she was gifted a special plushie for her efforts by the man himself (with help from his trusty translator).


Due to time constraints – and work the following day – Jojo and I unfortunately had to leave the event prematurely. The Capcom staff were very understanding and even temporarily held the signing line so that we could get photos with Ryozo before we left.

Whilst we were disappointed in having to leave early, we were both glad that we had been given this opportunity (thank you, Capcom and Monster Hunter Community UK) to partake in this special event. Both of us were pleasantly surprised by Capcom’s event hospitality: We would like to thank Jake, Neil and the rest of the Capcom staff for being great hosts and for their kindness (Neil, Jojo would like to apologise for making you wait outside the bathroom whilst she got into her cosplay so that you could let us in!), as well as Ryozo and his translator for making a whole bunch of fans really happy.


With more events springing up in the UK from the Monster Hunter community, we will definitely be taking part again in the near future. If you are interested in keeping up to date with forthcoming events, we would recommend liking their page


Despite already being available in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 is set for Western release in 2015 (exact date to be announced).


As for Capcom, the Renegade Revolution team may be heading their way again soon. Watch this space…


Groups of Hunters at the Monster Hunter event at Capcom HQ

Groups of Hunters at the Monster Hunter event at Capcom HQ

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