Oli and Rich from Glitch Visuals back to back with their filming gear


1. Tell us a bit about yourselves: 

We’re a couple of guys from Dorset where we run our own business together. Been mates for about 10yrs and we seem to have cloned brains when it comes to hobbies and Ideas etc.  Working together gives us the opportunity and time to chat about ideas; be it for videography or photography which are only hobbies at the moment but would like to see this break out into something bigger. When we’re not at work you’ll probably find us verbally abusing each other over a mic gaming or being good boys and trying to learn tutorials for our vids.


2. What inspired you both to go into videography?

We have always been drawn to creative and unique videos i.e. Devin Supertramp, Freddie Wong, Acksonl to name but a few. If you watch their videos they draw you in with the sharpness and seamlessness of the edits. Video has come such a long way in the last 5-10yrs, the quality of  footage that amateur videographers can capture is comparative to cinema quality which is what we are aiming to progress to.


3. Glitch Visuals is a pretty cool name – How did the name come about?

A lot of times we have ended up glitching or winging our way through things so we thought it was appropriate. I mean it’s not something we’re proud of and we do try to plan, plan, plan but there will always be something we forget or some disaster will happen but we get by “Glitch our way to the finish line”.


4. When did you start doing videos?

Our first Cosplay Music Video was July 2012 it was the Manchester MCM. We have done some shorts previous which were very basic horrors which still haunt me to this day Lolz , maybe we’ll release them some day for a giggle.


5. What’s your favourite aspect of filming?

Seeing that we remembered to hit the record button at the end of the day, Ha just kidding; seeing that you’ve captured a shot the way you imagined it. We get more unique footage from characters we’re familiar with than those who are unfamiliar  and tend to rely on the cosplayer to come up with that signature move preferably one they haven’t done for any other videographer.


6. Who are your favourite superheroes / heroines?

We would both have to say Batman and have a new found love for Harley Quinn since we’ve been going to the cons.


7. Marvel or DC?

There’s  favourites in both for us. Too hard to choose.


8. If each of you could be any superhero (male or female), who would you be?

Rich: Batman – Dark Knight, prefer this version as it shows the darker side of Batman.

Oli: Iron Man – because of his wealth and knowledge.


9. Do you have a particular favourite convention that you like to film at?

Any convention that’s held at The Excel in London as you have varied backdrops. If I had to choose one it would be May MCM at Excel due to the hot weather and great vibe.


10. We’ve seen you guys around filming all sorts of cosplay awesomeness – will we ever see either of you in cosplay?

One day, we have talked about it. Some of the ideas we’ve floated about was Meg Mucklebones from Legend, Roger the Alien from American Dad, Xenomorphs, and Jacobim Mugatu & Derek Zoolander.


11. What are the pros and cons of being videographers?

Pros- getting to meet so many lovely like-minded people and the nice comments we get on the videos, Cons- we’re not getting to experience the whole convention as we’re trying to get as much footage as we can for the CMV but we make up for it in the evenings which is why hangovers is another Con.


12. Roughly how long does it take you guys to edit a video?

Given our recent workloads it can take up to a month, ideally we would like to get it out in a fortnight.


13. How do you guys feel about being Renegade Revolution’s official videographers?

Well chuffed looking forward to growing with Renegade Revolution. Hopefully we can contribute some new and interesting ideas.


14. You guys are gamers too, right?  Any particular favourite games?

We’re very big gamer fans; MMO and FPS. Battlefield 4 is a favourite at the moment and loving the new zombie survival game Day Z.


15. Any words of advice to people that are looking to follow in your footsteps as videographers?

Go for it, we have learnt so much from fellow videographers and photographers; everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Valuable lessons we have learnt for filming cosplay events is to have an idea what you want each character to do so you don’t fall back onto safe shots all the time (which we tend to do 🙂 ) and spend time in post as it’s just as important as getting the footage.


16. Do you have any messages for your fans?

We would like to thank each and every one of them. Thanks for supporting us 😉


17. Finally, is there anything you would like to ask any or all members of staff here at Renegade Revolution?

A. How does a Real Estate company sell its office without causing confusion?

Christopher (Contributor):  It’s simple really.  You set up a second office to advertise the first office, but you have to do it well in advanced so it’s all legitimately sound…  It could be worth setting up a second office off of the second office to officially office it… wait… what are we doing again?

Amy (contributor):  I genuinely don’t know!  What’s the answer?  XD

B. Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?

Heather (Contributor):  They’d go to other dentists – you can’t see inside your own mouth and your eyes are in the wrong place.  Silly boys!

Ruth (contributor):  I’d say they go to other dentists 🙂

C. At a movie theatre which arm rest is yours?

Jojo (Editor):  The side I put my drink in!  Which depends:  Sometimes, it’s the left, sometimes it’s the right.

Scott (Editor):  The one on the right.

D. Where does the toe tag go on a dead person if they don’t have toes?

Skawt (contributor):  The corpse is, unless specifically requested otherwise in their last will and testament, to be tagged with matching tags on both ear lobes.  Unless specified, they are to be as fabulous as possible.

Rika (contributor):  I think… they put a fake one on the patient made out of Play-Doh! 😀


Glitch Visuals logo on a black background


Here at Renegade Revolution, we’re all really excited to be working together with Oli and Rich from Glitch Visuals.  Our videos with them kick off at London Super Comic Con in mid-March, so if you’re going, do keep an eye out for all of us – and if you can’t make it, we’ll be hitting a whole bunch of other conventions and events over this year.  We’ll try and feature as much of the awesomeness as we can.

If you’re interested in any of the previous works that our friends Glitch Visuals have worked on in the past – and they have done a fair bit – do go forth to check out their YouTube videos on their channel here: www.YouTube.com/GlitchVisuals
And for those of you interested in following our guys via Facebook, here’s a link to their page: www.Facebook.com/GlitchVisuals

Let’s get this Revolution started!

All logos © and used with permission from Glitch Visuals

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