Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen – A review

Be ready to have your heart taken from you again! A Capcom Fantasy classic RPG often forgotten about, Join me and lets take a look at how they do, and if they ‘arise’ to the occasion.

It’s time you travelled back to an often missed gem of a game. Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen is the added DLC included revamp of Dragon’s Dogma. It contains the original game as well as an extra adventure lasting up to around 15 hours. With added weapons and armour, new spells and abilities it’s a great excuse to give it another play through or play for the first time.

Dark Arisen takes you to a whole new area called Bitterblack isle, summoned by the mysterious lady Orla, The Arisin is tasked with exploring Bitterblack isle in the hopes to regain her memories.
But with a whole new adventure means a whole bunch of new frightful emeries. Such as Gorecyclops, Giant elder Ogres, Cursed Dragons and even Death itself, this will be your toughest venture yet.

Dragons Dogma-Dark-Arisen

This Adventure can be accessed shortly after starting a new game, as early as journeying to the militia fort and back. Although this can be done quickly, Capcom did advise players not to go until the level 60+ mark. But hey, what fun would that be huh?
As soon as I started the game I completed the prologue and was off the Bitterblack at around level7, Trusty rusted sword and shield in tow I was greeted to a safe hub of an area, grabbing what gear I could I trotted inside. Now I hadn’t played this game for a while, but I was feeling pretty confidant with myself and skills….

It felt the Capcom really wanted to capture the dark, gloomy side to many dungeon crawlers here, I was very impressed with how eerie it felt, the torch light, bouncing shadows…the feeling that most of the creatures here wanted to consume my face, possibly in one hit. Yeah ok, so I was a little worried. Cue the nasty hellhound-esk dogs with green goo dripping from their chops. But like a man and true warrior nothing stopped me from hiding on top of some boxes yelling at my pawns to stop dying and hit the damn things. But amongst the odds uncle Phil (my pawn) and I fought them back, instantly jumping up about 2 levels, yeah I was chuffed, so a group of goblins next, no real problem there, as I charge in.

Now I can’t really said I’ve ever made such a noise in my life, but when a 26 year old cries out like a frightened school girl, no real dignity can be salvaged from it. The battle slowed and Death appeared. Death. As in hooded in black in the traditional scythe and the craving for my soul. So after a tactical retreat I left Bitterblack to get some levels under my belt.

I really felt Capcom had given us something great here, now don’t get me wrong the original game gave us a lot to, but the long travel back and forth across fields, through woods and the occasional crypt got a little tedious after a while. Bitterblack felt like how traditional dungeon crawlers should be; a labyrinth of doors, traps and monsters. But with great threat came great loot. With well over 70+ new weapons and armour, which you will need trust me, I had managed to fight my way to end of Bitterblack.

Dragons Dogma-Dark-Arisen

The story itself is a good add on to the original and after clearing the end I did find myself wanting a little bit more. Yes I can say it was a lot more challenging and I did overall enjoy it. I did go back in and notice that enemy spawns had shuffled and drops had changed, which was a nice touch If I ever wanted to go through it all again, but I did feel that Capcom could have fixed a few other little things, the combat can still be a little clunky and unforgiving at times, but hey it’s not a bad try at fantasy Capcom and I’m welcome to the idea or more, ‘Deep Down’ is something to lookout for coming to next gen consoles.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen is worth picking up for around £17.99 and you won’t be disappointed, and might even keep you going till Dark souls 2 arrives. Don’t lose heart Capcom 😉


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