Introduction to Lolita Fashion

First of all, Lolita fashion is not related to the book ‘Lolita’ and is not a fetish, cosplay or a form of age play. It’s a fashion subculture.

Lolita fashion originated as a Japanese street fashion, beginning on the streets of Harajuku. The style draws its influences mainly from the Victorian and Rococo periods in history, so whilst coming from Japan, it’s based on Western styles and has since expanded greatly beyond Japan.

The fashion itself is thought to have been started in reaction to the growing amount of body exposure in modern society and popular fashion. As such, followers of Lolita fashion tend to present themselves in a way which is “cute” or “elegant” rather than “sexy”.

The Basic ‘Anatomy’ of a Lolita is constructed as follows:


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1. Blouse

  • High neck
  • Peter Pan collar
  • Long/Short sleeved


2. Dress OR Skirt

  • Jumperskirt (JSK)
  • One Piece (OP)
  • Skirt


3. Petticoat

  • Cupcake
  • A Line


4. Legwear

  • Tights
  • Over The Knee socks (OTKs)
  • Ankle sock


5. Shoes

  • Tea Parties
  • Boots
  • Fancy Shoes


Common Lolita Styles~


Style– Playful, Decora based, Childish prints, Cupcake skirt shape, Colourful wigs, Decora Influenced.

Colours– Pink, Sax (light blue), Yellow, Lavender.

Accessories– Plastic jewellery, Pastels, Big headbows, Bright colours.




Style– Floral prints/Solids, Elegant, A Line skirt shape, Victorian, Formal hairstyles.

Colours– Sax (light blue),Brown, Black, White/Cream, Dusty Pink.

Accessories– Pearls, Roses, Cameo pendants, Bows.




Style-Dark, Gothic motifs, A line or Cupcake skirt shape, Heavy makeup.

Colours– Black, Wine, Navy, Jewel tones.

Accessories-Roses, Lace, Rosaries, Skulls.



These three are the main styles which are best known and easily recognisable. However they are not the only styles and people can be as imaginative as they like in creating their own individual Lolita look which they feel most comfortable with.


Image credit: Florence of The Street Style Carousel http://streetstylesnaps.com/


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