Dead Rising 3 – A Review

Utilizing Xbox one’s next gen software, Capcom flooded the streets of Los Perdidos with hordes and hordes of undead, and when I mean flooded I mean that you can’t catch any breath without some undead bugger sizing up your chops and going for a bite.

Grab what you can and prepare for the another run with Capcoms zombie killing series of Dead rising 3!

Utilizing Xbox one’s next gen software, Capcom flooded the streets of Los Perdidos with hordes and hordes of undead, and when I mean flooded I mean that you cant catch any breath without some undead bugger sizing up your chops and going for a bite.

Truly when I started to play I was blown away with the amount of them on my screen. Hopping from car to car with them biting at my tasty ankles.

Capcom’s new tale in the Dead Rising series starts the player as Nick, a down to earth mechanic who is stranded in a quarantined city, desperately searching for a way out, before the government decides to cleanse the city.

The game still sits on a time limit as they all do, giving the player a deadline to complete story missions or lose the truth to the unknown. But the game now operates with 2 different modes, story and nightmare. Story is more of a casual play through, allowing players to take their time and really enjoy the game and its surroundings, also letting the collect collectables, complete side missions and just slay some zombies.

Nightmare on the other hand brings back the time pressing situations like the other games had. Often I had myself checking the map and trying to sort out the best route to certain objectives and side missions so I didn’t waste time, then realising that there was no way I could make it to some, much to my dismay.

The city of Los Perdidos is open from the get go, so after grabbing the first car I could I set out to explore. Now driving in Dead Rising isn’t so bad, there’s a range of cars and bikes available to you; there’s something satisfying about driving through the hordes hearing snaps and squishes as you plough through. After stopping by a local clothing store and immediately changing into some rather fetching lingerie, cross dresser Nick was ready to take on the town. Grabbing a massager (women’s pleasure object, cough cough) and a leaf blower I created my favourite combo weapon of the game, the ‘super massager.’ I was now shooting my way through the crowds as every man should. It was good to see that Dead Rising is still full of its dark humour.

Main character in a mankini fighting a zombie

As before combo weapons can really make the difference fighting the horde and Capcom has really thought up from cracks this time, a katana and a rake? Well I’ll stick them on the end of the rake why not! A microwave and a motorcycle engine? Well now I have a chest beam like Iron Man! Nick, being the mechanic he is really seems quite confident comboing these item together. With 101 blueprints to find in game the fun just doesn’t seem to end.
But that’s not all Nick can do, you can now combo vehicles, I had great fun in this by comboing a motorcycle with a steamroller to make a ‘roller hog’. Steam rolling over zombies at speed leaving only bloody skid marks. Itchy tasty.

I had a blast with this game, I was also lucky enough to have a friend to play with. The new drop-in/drop-out co-op in the game only seems to increase the fun you’ll have. Capcom have changed it since DR2 and the co-op player isn’t now just a clone of the main character, Capcom lets the second player take control of Dick, another story character. Which I thought was a nice concept and doesn’t break the feel of the game.

Two men standing side by side fighting oncoming zombies

Unfortunately we did have some clipping issues with the co-op. Nothing major, but we had a laugh about finding some undead had learnt how to float and at one point I fell through the floor. But issues like this happen with most new games and should probably be fixed in up and coming patches.

Dead Rising 3 is already out more and priced around £49.99 with four lots of up and coming DLC – three of which have yet to be announced.
The first, being called Operation Black Eagle, will see us get to play a spec ops Commander called Adam Kane, and you have a whole independent story to play through. With new weapons, vehicles, clothes and achievements, I’m looking forward to taking to the streets once again. Date of the DLC release was pushed back from the 24th Dec 2013 to 21st Jan 2014, and these add-ons can be purchased for $9.99 (UK Prices to be confirmed) Or you can by the season pass for $29.99 (£25.00 on the Xbox marketplace)

Overall you wont be disappointed with Dead Rising 3 and with further DLC to be announced, its enough to make us hunger for more 😉


  1. Quick update on the DLC situation:
    The DLC that was meant to be released today (21st Jan 2014) is currently unavailable from the marketplace and digital download.
    Capcom are aware of the issue and are working on the situation. According to their Twitter account, they will update things asap.

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